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China Biomass Pellet Machine 1-2 Ton Per Hour Wood Pellet Machine Yulong Xgj560 Pellet Machine with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

The development historical past of Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Centrifugal CZPT -efficiency Biomass Pellet CZPT .

The centrifugal high-efficiency pellet equipment originated from Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis., and has gone through several core technologies improvements and useful advancements given that its improvement in 2571. Now current to the eighth era merchandise.

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. has constantly mastered the patent and main technological innovation of this solution. The physical appearance of the item is straightforward to imitate by peers, but the core technological innovation has never ever been surpassed.

The principal advantages of the eighth era pellet equipment:

one. The major motor is transformed to a regular flat key motor, and the German common KTR elastic coupling is adopted with the reducer, which solves the problem of regular lubricating grease for the spline of the seventh technology granulator. In addition, the substitution cost of KTR elastomer is significantly lower than the substitution value following spline damage.

two. The positioning of the spindle frame plate and the spindle has been upgraded and improved, the pin positioning that is not simple to disassemble and effortless to wear is removed, and the embedded positioning technique of CNC machining is adopted, which is simple to disassemble and not simple to wear.

three. Improvement of kick-out method: The reducer of kick-out plate is changed by a cycloidal pinwheel reducer to a hard-tooth area reducer. The rotating factors of the kick-out program are entirely divided from the kick-out boot (the total driving procedure is outside), which entirely solves the difficulty that the kick-out system is susceptible to substantial temperature steam. Additionally, in the kick-out boot of the pellet device, besides for the kick-out turntable, the relaxation of the CZPT -transferring parts that can contact the substance and steam are all manufactured of stainless metal, which fundamentally solves the corrosion difficulty of metallic supplies.



Size (CM) L*W*H



eighth XGJ560

132+2.2+.fifty five+2.2




seventh XGJ850

250+4+3+.55+.fifty five




Sleeve Couplings Sleeve couplings transmit low to reasonable shear torques amongst linked products through elastic inserts with exterior splines mated to inside splines. The insert material is normally EPDM, Neoprene or Hytrel, and the insert can be a one particular-piece or two-piece style. Reasonable eccentricity Torsional damping (vibration) Finish float with minimal axial play Lower to reasonable torque, basic-function apps
China Biomass Pellet Machine 1-2 Ton Per Hour Wooden Pellet Machine Yulong Xgj560 Pellet Equipment with ce certificate top high quality Very good price tag