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China Best Sales IEC 61386 20mm 25mm Zinc Die Cast Set Screw EMT Coupling /EMT Pipe Coupling chain coupling

Product Description

IEC 61386~/8822 0571 mm 25mm zinc die cast Set Screw emt Coupling /EMT Pipe Coupling


EMT Set Screw Coupling

EMT Coupling – Zinc

EMT zinc Coupling

American Standard

Size: 20MM,25MM,32MM, 40MM, 50MM 

Set-screw type

Material: Zinc Die Cast

TOPELE zinc emt couplings are used in dry location to connect the ends of 2 unthreaded EMT conduits together. CZPT  EMT zinc set-screw couplings provide concrete tight connections when taped. Additionally, These set-screw couplings eliminate the need to thread bald conduits to fit old threaded couplings. EMT conduit couplings are pure zinc material for excellent corrosion protection in damp location.





Set-Screw Type



Set-Screw Type



Set-Screw Type



Set-Screw Type



Set-Screw Type





IEC 61386 ZINC SET SCREW EMT couplings

•Connect & effectively CZPT EMT conduit to EMT conduit

•May be used indoors and outdoors 

•Body made with die-cast zinc alloy
•Set screw made with zinc-plated steel

•Application type : EMT
•Electrical Product Type : Standard Fitting
•Fitting type : Coupling
•Paintable/Stainable : No



Color: Silver
IP Rating: IP68
Surface Treatment: Galvanised
Application: Electrical Wiring System
Material: Zinc
Certification: IEC61386
US$ 0/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Types of Coupling

A coupling is a device used to join two shafts together and transmit power. Its primary function is to join rotating equipment and allows for some end movement and misalignment. This article discusses different types of coupling, including Magnetic coupling and Shaft coupling. This article also includes information on Overload safety mechanical coupling.

Flexible beam coupling

Flexible beam couplings are universal joints that can deal with shafts that are offset or at an angle. They consist of a tube with couplings at both ends and a thin, flexible helix in the middle. This makes them suitable for use in a variety of applications, from motion control in robotics to attaching encoders to shafts.
These couplings are made of one-piece materials and are often made of stainless steel or aluminium alloy. However, they can also be made of acetal or titanium. While titanium and acetal are less common materials, they are still suitable for high-torque applications. For more information about beam couplings, contact CZPT Components.
Flexible beam couplings come in a variety of types and sizes. W series couplings are good for general purpose applications and are relatively economical. Stainless steel versions have increased torque capacity and torsional stiffness. Flexible beam couplings made of aluminum are ideal for servo and reverse motion. They are also available with metric dimensions.
Flexible beam couplings are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Their patented slot pattern provides low bearing load and high torsional rigidity. They have a long operational life. They also require zero maintenance and can handle angular offset. Their advantages outweigh the disadvantages of traditional beam couplings.

Magnetic coupling

Magnetic coupling transfers torque from one shaft to another using a magnetic field. These couplings can be used on various types of machinery. These types of transmissions are very useful in many situations, especially when you need to move large amounts of weight. The magnetic field is also very effective at reducing friction between the two shafts, which can be extremely helpful if you’re moving heavy items or machinery.
Different magnetic couplings can transmit forces either linearly or rotated. Different magnetic couplings have different topologies and can be made to transmit force in various geometric configurations. Some of these types of couplings are based on different types of materials. For example, a ceramic magnetic material can be used for applications requiring high temperature resistance.
Hybrid couplings are also available. They have a hybrid design, which allows them to operate in either an asynchronous or synchronous mode. Hysterloy is an alloy that is easily magnetized and is used in synchronous couplings. A synchronous magnetic coupling produces a coupled magnetic circuit.
Magnetic coupling is a key factor in many physical processes. In a crystal, molecules exhibit different magnetic properties, depending on their atomic configuration. Consequently, different configurations produce different amounts of magnetic coupling. The type of magnetic coupling a molecule exhibits depends on the exchange parameter Kij. This exchange parameter is calculated by using quantum chemical methods.
Magnetic couplings are most commonly used in fluid transfer pump applications, where the drive shaft is hermetically separated from the fluid. Magnetic couplings also help prevent the transmission of vibration and axial or radial loads through the drive shaft. Moreover, they don’t require external power sources, since they use permanent magnets.

Shaft coupling

A shaft coupling is a mechanical device that connects two shafts. The coupling is designed to transmit full power from one shaft to the other, while keeping the shafts in perfect alignment. It should also reduce transmission of shock loads. Ideally, the coupling should be easy to connect and maintain alignment. It should also be free of projecting parts.
The shaft couplings that are used in machines are typically made of two types: universal coupling and CZPT coupling. CZPT couplings are designed to correct for lateral misalignment and are composed of two flanges with tongues and slots. They are usually fitted with pins. The T1 tongue is fitted into flange A, while the T2 tongue fits into flange B.
Another type of shaft coupling is known as a “sliced” coupling. This type of coupling compensates for inevitable shaft misalignments and provides high torque. Machined slits in the coupling’s outer shell help it achieve high torsional stiffness and excellent flexibility. The design allows for varying engagement angles, making it ideal for many different applications.
A shaft coupling is an important component of any machine. Proper alignment of the two shafts is vital to avoid machine breakdowns. If the shafts are misaligned, extra force can be placed on other parts of the machine, causing vibration, noise, and damage to the components. A good coupling should be easy to connect and should ensure precise alignment of the shaft. Ideally, it should also have no projecting parts.
Shaft couplings are designed to tolerate a certain amount of backlash, but it must be within a system’s threshold. Any angular movement of the shaft beyond this angle is considered excessive backlash. Excessive backlash results in excessive wear, stress, and breakage, and may also cause inaccurate alignment readings. It is therefore imperative to reduce backlash before the shaft alignment process.

Overload safety mechanical coupling

Overload safety mechanical couplings are devices that automatically disengage when the torque applied to them exceeds a specified limit. They are an efficient way to protect machinery and reduce the downtime associated with repairing damaged machinery. The advantage of overload couplings is their fast reaction time and ease of installation.
Overload safety mechanical couplings can be used in a wide range of applications. Their automatic coupling mechanisms can be used on any face or edge. In addition, they can be genderless, incorporating both male and female coupling features into a single mechanism. This means that they are both safe and gender-neutral.
Overload safety couplings protect rotating power transmission components from overloads. Overload protection devices are installed on electric motors to cut off power if the current exceeds a certain limit. Likewise, fluid couplings in conveyors are equipped with melting plug elements that allow the fluid to escape when the system becomes too hot. Mechanical force transmission devices, such as shear bolts, are designed with overload protection in mind.
A common design of an overload safety mechanical coupling consists of two or more arms and hubs separated by a plastic spider. Each coupling body has a set torque threshold. Exceeding this threshold may damage the spider or damage the jaws. In addition, the spider tends to dampen vibration and absorb axial extension. This coupling style is nearly backlash free, electrically isolating, and can tolerate very little parallel misalignment.
A mechanical coupling may also be a universal joint or jaw-clutch coupling. Its basic function is to connect the driver and driven shafts, and limits torque transfer. These devices are typically used in heavy-duty industries, such as steel plants and rolling mills. They also work well with industrial conveyor systems.

CZPT Pulley

The CZPT Pulley coupling family offers a comprehensive range of couplings for motors of all types. Not only does this range include standard motor couplings, but also servo couplings, which require ultra-precise control. CZPT Pulley couplings are also suitable for engine applications where high shocks and vibrations are encountered.
CZPT Pulley couplings have a “sliced” body structure, which allows for excellent torsional stiffness and strength. They are corrosion-resistant and can withstand high rotational speeds. The couplings’ design also ensures accurate shaft rotation while limiting shaft misalignment.
CZPT Pulley has introduced the CPU Pin Type couplings, which are effective at damping vibration and maintain zero backlash. They are also made from aluminum and are capable of absorbing heat. They come with recessed tightening screws. They can handle speeds up to 4,000 RPM, and are RoHS-compliant.
China Best Sales IEC 61386 20mm 25mm Zinc Die Cast Set Screw EMT Coupling /EMT Pipe Coupling   chain couplingChina Best Sales IEC 61386 20mm 25mm Zinc Die Cast Set Screw EMT Coupling /EMT Pipe Coupling   chain coupling
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China Standard Dm-38.1*38.1 Spring Design Dm Set Screw Series Clamping Winding Screw Thread Beam Coupling with high quality

Product Description

Product Description
1.The whole coupling is made of high strength aluminum alloy with intergrated structure .
2.The slit structure can absorb vibration \parallel ,angular  misalignments and shaft end-play.
3.Spring-load design ,with cushioning effect.
4.For encoder /micro motor.
5.Setscrew type.

Model d1,d2 D L L1 L2 F M
DM-38.1*38.1 8,10,11,12,12.7,14,15,16,19 38.1 38.1 0.4 3. 5.2 M5

Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Shaft Hole: 8-19
Torque: 6.5
Speed: 9500
Structure: Flexible
Material: Aluminum
US$ 39.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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What Is a Coupling?

A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts. It transmits power between them and allows for some misalignment or end movement. There are several types of couplings. The most common ones are gear couplings and planetary couplings. However, there are many others as well.

Transfer of energy

Energy coupling is a process by which two biological reactions are linked by sharing energy. The energy released during one reaction can be used to drive the second. It is a very useful mechanism that synchronizes two biological systems. All cells have two types of reactions, exergonic and endergonic, and they are connected through energy coupling.
This process is important for a number of reasons. The first is that it allows the exchange of electrons and their energy. In a single molecule, this energy transfer involves the exchange of two electrons of different energy and spin. This exchange occurs because of the overlap interaction of two MOs.
Secondly, it is possible to achieve quadratic coupling. This is a phenomenon that occurs in circular membrane resonators when the system is statically deflected. This phenomenon has been gaining a great deal of interest as a mechanism for stronger coupling. If this mechanism is employed in a physical system, energy can be transferred on a nanometer scale.
The magnetic field is another important factor that affects the exchange of energy between semiconductor QWs. A strong magnetic field controls the strength of the coupling and the energy order of the exciton. The magnetic field can also influence the direction of polariton-mediated energy transfer. This mechanism is very promising for controlling the routing of excitation in a semiconductor.


Couplings play a variety of functions, including transferring power, compensating for misalignment, and absorbing shock. These functions depend on the type of shaft being coupled. There are four basic types: angular, parallel, and symmetrical. In many cases, coupling is necessary to accommodate misalignment.
Couplings are mechanical devices that join two rotating pieces of equipment. They are used to transfer power and allow for a small degree of end-to-end misalignment. This allows them to be used in many different applications, such as the transmission from the gearbox to the differential in an automobile. In addition, couplings can be used to transfer power to spindles.


There are two main types of couplings: rigid and flexible. Rigid couplings are designed to prevent relative motion between the two shafts and are suitable for applications where precise alignment is required. However, high stresses in the case of significant misalignment can cause early failure of the coupling. Flexible couplings, on the other hand, allow for misalignment and allow for torque transmission.
A software application may exhibit different types of coupling. The first type involves the use of data. This means that one module may use data from another module for its operation. A good example of data coupling is the inheritance of an object. In a software application, one module can use another module’s data and parameters.
Another type of coupling is a rigid sleeve coupling. This type of coupling has a pipe with a bore that is finished to a specified tolerance. The pipe contains two threaded holes for transmitting torque. The sleeve is secured by a gib head key. This type of coupling may be used in applications where a couple of shafts are close together.
Other types of coupling include common and external. Common coupling occurs when two modules share global data and communication protocols. This type of coupling can lead to uncontrollable error propagation and unforeseen side effects when changes are made to the system. External coupling, on the other hand, involves two modules sharing an external device interface or communication protocol. Both types of coupling involve a shared code structure and depend on the external modules or hardware.
Mechanical couplings are essential in power transmission. They connect rotating shafts and can either be rigid or flexible, depending on the accuracy required. These couplings are used in pumps, compressors, motors, and generators to transmit power and torque. In addition to transferring power, couplings can also prevent torque overload.


Different coupling styles are ideal for different applications, and they have different characteristics that influence the coupling’s reliability during operation. These characteristics include stiffness, misalignment capability, ease of installation and maintenance, inherent balance, and speed capability. Selecting the right coupling style for a particular application is essential to minimize performance problems and maximize utility.
It is important to know the requirements for the coupling you choose before you start shopping. A proper selection process takes into account several design criteria, including torque and rpm, acoustic signals, and environmental factors. Once you’ve identified these parameters, you can select the best coupling for the job.
A gear coupling provides a mechanical connection between two rotating shafts. These couplings use gear mesh to transmit torque and power between two shafts. They’re typically used on large industrial machines, but they can also be used in smaller motion control systems. In smaller systems, a zero-backlash coupling design is ideal.
Another type of coupling is the flange coupling. These are easy to manufacture. Their design is similar to a sleeve coupling. But unlike a sleeve coupling, a flange coupling features a keyway on one side and two threaded holes on the other. These couplings are used in medium-duty industrial applications.
Besides being useful for power transmission, couplings can also prevent machine vibration. If vibration occurs in a machine, it can cause it to deviate from its predetermined position, or damage the motor. Couplings, however, help prevent this by absorbing the vibration and shock and preventing damage to expensive parts.
Couplings are heavily used in the industrial machinery and electrical industries. They provide the necessary rotation mechanism required by machinery and other equipment. Coupling suppliers can help customers find the right coupling for a specific application.

Criteria for selecting a coupling

When selecting a coupling for a specific application, there are a number of different factors to consider. These factors vary greatly, as do operating conditions, so selecting the best coupling for your system can be challenging. Some of these factors include horsepower, torque, and speed. You also need to consider the size of the shafts and the geometry of the equipment. Space restrictions and maintenance and installation requirements should also be taken into account. Other considerations can be specific to your system, such as the need for reversing.
First, determine what size coupling you need. The coupling’s size should be able to handle the torque required by the application. In addition, determine the interface connection, such as straight or tapered keyed shafts. Some couplings also feature integral flange connections.
During the specification process, be sure to specify which materials the coupling will be made of. This is important because the material will dictate most of its performance characteristics. Most couplings are made of stainless steel or aluminum, but you can also find ones made of Delrin, titanium, or other engineering-grade materials.
One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a coupling is its torque capability. If the torque rating is not adequate, the coupling can be damaged or break easily. Torque is a major factor in coupling selection, but it is often underestimated. In order to ensure maximum coupling performance, you should also take into consideration the size of the shafts and hubs.
In some cases, a coupling will need lubrication throughout its lifecycle. It may need to be lubricated every six months or even once a year. But there are couplings available that require no lubrication at all. An RBI flexible coupling by CZPT is one such example. Using a coupling of this kind can immediately cut down your total cost of ownership.
China Standard Dm-38.1*38.1 Spring Design Dm Set Screw Series Clamping Winding Screw Thread Beam Coupling   with high quality China Standard Dm-38.1*38.1 Spring Design Dm Set Screw Series Clamping Winding Screw Thread Beam Coupling   with high quality
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China 6mm to 10mm aluminum shaft Bore Rigid Coupling shaft Set Screw L22XD14 Stainless Steel,Shaft Coupler Connector,Motor Accessories coupling electrical

Guarantee: 3 month
Relevant Industries: Creating Material Retailers, Manufacturing Plant, Equipment Fix Shops, Meals & Beverage Manufacturing facility, Printing Stores
Tailored help: OEM, ODM
Structure: Roller Chain
Adaptable or Rigid: Rigid
Common or Nonstandard: Nonstandard
Materials: Stainless steel, stainless steel
Warmth therapy:: Carburizing
Usage:: Hydraulic pump
Core Elements:: Equipment
Coloration: silver
Coatings:: NICKEL
Solution identify: Spline Shaft
Method: CNC Turning
Service: OEM Customized Services
Top quality: 100% Inspection
Packaging Information: Carton or picket or according to customers’ requirement
Port: yantian

We are the manufacturing facility in Xihu (West Lake) Dis.CZPT professionally generate transmission areas for equipment easy outlined listed here for your reference : 1. magnetic powder clutch and brake series 2. pressure controller series : manual stress controller,automatic rigidity controller. 3. air shaft and air adaptor series 4. security chuck series 5. Edge positioning program series 6. air brakeand clutch series 7. electromagnetic clutch and brake series 8. worm reducer and motor sequence 5mm to 10mm Bore Rigid Coupling Established Screw L22XD16 forty five# Metal,Shaft Coupler Connector,Motor Equipment * Relationship Diameter: 8mm to 10mm, Complete Size: 22mm /.87 inch, Outside Diameter : 16mm/ .sixty three inch * Commonly utilised in blowers,3D printer,Do it yourself robots,CNC device,stepper motors,etc. Equivalent to rigid clamp couplings, shaft couplers are used to keep bearings and sprockets tightly on the shaft, and are employed in motor and gearbox assemblies. * Prime limited kind rigid coupling with 2/4 screws to maintain the shaft tightly substantial torque with rigidity, low inertia and outstanding sensitivity. * Notice: The rigid variety essentially does not enable eccentricity, and it need to be entirely modified in the course of use. * Single piece set screw clamp design and style makes it easy to set up the things on the shaft and handle the keeping capacity of the coupling. Specification:8 pcs screws designThread Size: M4Color: Silver ToneMaterial: SteelConnection Diameter: 8mm to 10mmTotal Size: 22mm /.87 inchOutside Diameter : 16mm/ .63 inchThrough Angle: ninety DegreePackage Listing:2 Pcs x Rigid Shaft Coupler8 Pcs x M4 ScrewsDescription:Produced from Metal substance to decrease inertiaRigid coupling, Chinese Manufacture Higher High quality Wholesale Metallic Customized China Spiral Equipment high torque with rigidity,reduced inertia and superb sensitivityNo rotation hole, elastic motion can make up for symmetrical angular misalignmentMaintenance-free of charge, oil evidence and corrosion resistanceSuitable for design vehicle, model boat, components, , mechanical push conditions etcNote:Please let 1-3mm differs thanks to handbook measurementDue to the various exhibit and distinct light-weight, the photograph may not replicate the real shade of the merchandise. Thanks for yourunderstanding Application device tools,UAV,Tobacco equipment,new energy car,electical tools,cement vertical mill,oil drilling equipment. Why Decide on Us 4. Why choose us?(1) Adopting higher energy press machine to understand interference fitWe are utilizing a large power press device which can generate 80T thrust to understand all the mix of spindle head and metal tube for the air shafts. Mild type air shaft is with .03mm interference fit.Heavy kind air shaft is with .06mm interference suit.Even though many factories knock it in with a big hammer,no high quality and precision.(2) Adopting hello-precision cold-drawn metal tube as the shaft bodyWe adopt hi-precision cold-drawn steel tube as the shaft body.The thickness of this sort of tube is uniform so when the rubber balloon within is inflated ,all important strips will adhere out at exact same peak .And it will greatly weaken centrifugal pressure of the total air shaft when it is rotating and will hold a dynamic equilibrium. Packing & Shipping To far better ensure the basic safety of your products, professional, environmentally helpful, practical and productive packaging solutions will be supplied. Recommend Goods Firm Profile FAQ 1.When can I get the quotation?We usually quoted inside of 24 several hours after getting your inquiry. If you are really urgent to get the price, make sure you phone us or inform us in your e mail, Customized created precision 29t 32t metallic gears little module micro spur gear aluminum stainless iron spur equipment so that we can regard your inquiry precedence. 2.How should I place an get?Make sure you let us know the product amount based mostly on our specs for powder clutch, powder brake, air clutch, air brake, electromagnetic clutch, electromagnetic brake and security chucks, other transmisson parts.For air shafts,air adapter remember to show us your drawing, or let us know your request, and then we will give you drawing for affirmation. 3.What’s your MOQ basis?Normally, we don’t have MOQ request, other than the tailored mini clutches/brakes. 4.What about the guide time for generation?Truthfully, it depends on the purchase amount and the variety of our products. For powder clutch, powder brake, rigidity controller,which is about 3-5 days. For security chucks, air shafts which want about fifteen-30days. 5.What is the time period of cargo ?We can arrange with EXW, FOB, CIF…etc. You can select the most hassle-free 1 or price-successful way. More concerned for our goods , Chuanhe Professional Provides Vgf160 Substantial Efficiency 31 Ratio Higher Torque 4000 Nm Servo Planetary Gearbox Nema 34 you should do not be reluctant to inquiry now!

Types of Couplings

A coupling is a device that connects two shafts together. It transmits power from one end to another and is used for joining rotating equipment. A coupling is flexible and can accommodate a certain amount of end movement and misalignment. This allows for more flexibility in applications. Various types of couplings are available, and each one serves a specific purpose.

Shaft couplings

There are many types of shaft couplings, and they are used in a wide range of applications. The type you need depends on the torque, speed, and horsepower you need, as well as the size of the shaft and its spatial limitations. You may also need to consider whether the coupling will accommodate misalignment.
Some shaft couplings are flexible, while others are rigid. Flexible couplings can accommodate up to two degrees of misalignment. They are available in different materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. They can also be known by different names, depending on the industry. Some couplings can also be used in a single or multiple-shaft application.
The first type of shaft coupling is a rigid coupling, which consists of two parts that fit together tightly around the shafts. These couplings are designed to have more flexibility than sleeved models, and they can be used on fixed shafts as well. The flanged coupling, on the other hand, is designed for heavy loads and is made of two perpendicular flanges. The flanges are large enough to accommodate screws and are generally used with heavy-duty applications.
CZPT shaft couplings are a great choice if you’re looking for a shaft coupling that delivers high performance, durability, and low cost. These metal disc-style couplings provide low backlash and high torsional stiffness. Their high misalignment tolerance reduces reaction loads on connected components, which makes them ideal for high-speed precision applications. Available in single and double-disc models, they have torque ratings of up to 2,200 in-lbs. (250N) and are available in fourteen sizes.
When using shaft couplings, it is important to choose the right type for your application. Backlash can cause a shaft coupling to break or become unusable. In order to prevent this from happening, you should replace worn or loose parts, and ensure that the hub and key are evenly positioned with the shaft. If you’re using a shaft coupling in a motion-control system, it is important to keep the torque level consistent.

Flexible couplings

Flexible couplings are a type of coupling used to connect two shafts. They are made of rubber or plastic and allow for axial movement of the connected equipment. They do not require lubrication and are resistant to fatigue failure. Flexible couplings are useful for a number of applications. A common type of flexible coupling is the gear coupling, which has gear teeth inside its sleeve. Another type of flexible coupling is the metallic membrane coupling. A metallic membrane coupling is flexible due to flexing metallic discs.
One major disadvantage of flexible couplings is their inability to fit certain types of pipe. This is because most couplings need to be stretched to fit the pipe. This problem is often the result of a change in pipe technology. Traditionally, drain and soil pipe is made of ductile iron or cast iron. Today, most pipes are made of PVC, which has a larger outside diameter than either cast or ductile iron. Because of these changes in pipe technology, many coupling manufacturers have not updated their mold sizing.
Flexible couplings can be either metallic, elastomeric, or a combination of the three. While there are some common characteristics of each type, you should always consider the tradeoffs of each type before choosing one. Generally, the most important considerations when selecting a flexible coupling are torque, misalignment, and ease of assembly and maintenance.
Flexible couplings are used in a wide range of industries. They are useful for connecting two pipes to ensure torque transfer. Although the types available are different, these are the most adaptable couplings in the market. They can withstand movement, vibration, and bending without causing any damage to the piping.

Clutch couplings

A clutch coupling connects two rotating shafts by friction. The clutch engages power when the engine is running, disengaging power when the brake is applied. Clutch couplings are used in applications where the speed of a machine is variable or where continuous service is required. The clutch can transmit power, torque, and axial force.
Clutch couplings come in a variety of styles and configurations. Some couplings are flexible, while others are rigid. Flexible couplings are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. Some couplings also have a non-backlash design, which helps compensate for misalignment.
Clutch couplings may be synchronous or asynchronous. Synchronous couplings engage and disengage automatically when the driven machine exceeds its output speed. These couplings are synchronized by a synchronizing mechanism. When the output speed is exceeded, the synchronizing mechanism initiates the engagement process. The synchronizing mechanism does not engage or disengage when the output speed drops.
High speed clutches are available from a variety of manufacturers. Some manufacturers offer OEM assembly, repair services, and third-party logistics. These manufacturers serve the automotive, chemical, food, and wood industries, as well as the oilfield and material handling industries. Custom clutches can be manufactured for specific applications and can be fitted with additional features, such as precision machined teeth or keyway slots and grooves.
Couplings are available in PCE, C/T, and metric bores. Typically, the size of the input and output shafts will determine which type of coupling is needed. In addition, clutches may be configured for intermediate or high speeds, depending on the required torque.

Clamped couplings

Clamped couplings are commonly used in a variety of industries. They can be used in medical equipment, dental equipment, military equipment, laboratory equipment, and in precision industrial controls. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and keyways. This type of coupling offers a number of advantages, including ease of installation and quick and easy replacement.
A clamp coupling connects two parts by compressing them together. The clamping elements can be formed in a variety of ways, but they all have a gap between their surfaces. This friction squeezes the two parts together, much like pulling two rubber gloves apart. This type of coupling is also useful for joining two hoses or piping units.
Clamped couplings are designed with a single or double clamping shaft. The clamping parts are mounted in two halves and are held together by eight socket head cap screws. They offer high torque capacity and require little installation space. Their high rigidity ensures good positioning accuracy, making them ideal for dynamic drives. In addition, they are wear-free and offer simple radial assembly.
The invention relates to a method and system for clamping pipes to a tank vessel. This invention also relates to a method of loading and unloading tank vessels. The method can be used in oil production platforms and other platforms. A single point mooring method is also used in oil production platforms.
Clamped couplings can also be flexible. They can join two shafts together while allowing a small amount of end movement and misalignment. These couplings may also be used in the assembly of motors and gearboxes.

CZPT’s coupling

CZPT couplings are designed to be flexible, allowing them to accommodate misaligned shafts and transmit torque in either direction. They are made with three discs, two hubs, and a center that are arranged with grooves and fins. These features allow for two degrees of freedom during assembly, and can accommodate misalignment of up to 5% of the shaft diameter.
CZPT couplings have many uses. For example, they can be used to join two parallel coaxial rotating shafts. Their ability to transmit torque at the same rotation mechanism and speed makes them ideal for applications where electrical currents may be a problem. Because the couplings are not made of metal, they are electrically isolated. Designers should test their couplings during the prototype stage to ensure they are working properly.
The CZPT coupling consists of two hubs with one slot on each. An intermediate disk is located between the two hubs. The discs are used to reduce or prevent wear on other machine parts. CZPT couplings are inexpensive and easy to replace. They also have electrical insulation, which makes them easy to repair or replace.
CZPT couplings are a popular choice for stepper motor-driven positioning stages. The plastic center disc offers electrical isolation and absorbs shocks from frequent start/stops. These couplings are available in through-hub and blind-bore styles and can be installed in many applications.
CZPT couplings also allow for small degrees of shaft misalignment. This allows them to function in systems where shaft access is limited. They are easily removed without tools.
China 6mm to 10mm aluminum shaft Bore Rigid Coupling shaft Set Screw L22XD14 Stainless Steel,Shaft Coupler Connector,Motor Accessories     coupling electricalChina 6mm to 10mm aluminum shaft Bore Rigid Coupling shaft Set Screw L22XD14 Stainless Steel,Shaft Coupler Connector,Motor Accessories     coupling electrical
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China Tbi Motion Lead Screw Sfu5010 Ball Screw Set Assembly with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Domestic Chinese ball screw shaft with nut particulars

one, Goods drawing:

two,We are in a position to machinize the conclude sides of ball screw shafts according to your demands
3,There are many areas what can be matched into the ball screw, Make sure you
pick what you need to have:

four, There are numerous different series of ball screw shaft with nut, like SFU sequence, SFS series, SFI sequence, SFY sequence, DFU collection, SFUL sequence, SFK series.Each collection has its possess characteristics, Let us search at the difference in appearance and attributes.
five, Ball screw Characteristic

Ball CZPT Attributes
Item Content Warmth
Hardness Accurancy Preload
Ball screw shaft SCM450
HRC58-62 C5:.018mm
Ball screw nut SCM415
HRC58-sixty two C5:.018mm P1:Zero
Steel balls SUJ2
  HRC58-sixty two    


6, Products overview

High CZPT bility

TBI Motion or ERSK ball screw has very stringent good quality handle requirements covering every creation procedure. With correct lubrication and use,problems-cost-free procedure for an prolonged time period of time is attainable.

Smooth Operation

The substantial efficiency of ball screws is vastly excellent to conventional screws. The torque required is less than 30%. CZPT motion can be effortlessly modified from rotary movement.

Higher Rigidity and Preload

When axial play is minimized in traditional screw-nut assemblies, the actuating torque gets abnormal and the procedure is not clean. The axial enjoy in TBI Movement or ERSK precision ball screws could be decreased to zero by preloading and a gentle sleek procedure is even now attainable. herefore, the two low torque and substantial rigidity can be acquired at the same time.TBI Motion or ERSK ball screws have gothic arch groove profiles which let these situations to be achieved.

Circulation Strategy

Ball return tube approach.(V,E,S,Y kind)Ball defelector approach.(I,U,M,K sort)

Substantial Durability

Rigidly chosen components, intensive warmth treating and processing strategies, backed by several years of encounter,have resulted in the most durable ball screws manufactured.


7,The way to assemble the ball screw nut in the ball screw shaft

8, There are several types of goods we can offer, If you are intrigued in them,
please click the picture and see the specifics.
nine, Over Support

ten, CZPT and shipping and delivery

PP bag for every linear shaft, Normal exported carton outside the house for tiny order shipping by worldwide categorical,this sort of as DHL, TNT, UPS,Picket box outdoors for massive quantity or extremely
long linear shaft by sea, by air

eleven,Company Details

12, Our basic principle:

High quality very first, believability is the essential, the cost followed


Disc couplings perform by transmitting torque by way of curved disc elements. It operates by tension and compression of chord segments on a frequent bolt circle bolted alternately between the push side and the generate side. These couplings usually consist of two hubs, two-disc packs, and a center member. Solitary disc assemblies accommodate angular and axial misalignment. Two-disc assemblies are necessary to accommodate parallel misalignment. Makes it possible for angular parallel and axial misalignment, is a real finite stop float style, zero-backlash design and style, higher velocity rated and balanced
China Tbi Motion Lead Screw Sfu5010 Ball Screw Set Assembly with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Ball Screw Fittings Motor Seat Screw Set with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description


Automated ball screw outfitted with equipment motor seat

The ball screw assembly is composed of a ball screw nut and a assistance seat at each finishes of the rod. Its operate is to convert rotating movement into straight motion or straight motion into rotating motion. Ball screws are widely utilised in CZPT industrial equipment and precision devices.
Ball screw add-ons can also be purchased in CZPT store, or immediately seek advice from on the web CZPT er service to aid you get







Company Profile

ZHangZhoug HangZhou KaiYaDe bearing co., LTD. Is a have numerous many years expertise of linear motion items specialist producers. We specialized in the manufacturing of straight axis, linear manual, ball screw, linear bearings, linear guide, ball screw stop assist, linear information, CAM follower and of great top quality and competitive value. My business is situated in HangZhou city, zHangZhoug province, shut to HangZhou port and HangZhou town.

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1. Are you a manufacturing facility or trading firm?

We are the most competitive cost and substantial good quality specialist makers, has 12 several years of knowledge.
2. What is your solution assortment?
Specializing in the manufacturing of straight axis, linear bearings, linear information, linear guide, ball screw, linear movement unit such as CAM follower.
3. Do you provide CZPT &ODM services?
B: indeed. Welcome CZPT , ODM
four. How can I get some samples?
We are extremely honored to give samples. You need to have to pay the freight and some sample price.
five. How is the good quality manage of your factory?
We uphold the tenet of “good quality is the future”, we have handed CE certification, we have rigid top quality management techniques.
6. How can I get quotation?
You can deliver below quotation or send out electronic mail to us. You can contact us straight by TM or WhatsApp and Skype as you like. If you have an crisis, you should contact us at any time.


Consisting of two radially slotted hubs and a serpentine spring metal band, the mesh coupling provides the torsional damping and versatility of an elastomer, but with the toughness of steel. Grid couplings transmit torque and change for angular, parallel and axial misalignment from 1 hub to the other by oscillating and sliding tapered grids in the hub grooves. The mesh cross area is usually tapered for better hub get in touch with and less complicated assembly. Lubrication is needed owing to the movement between the contact hub and the mesh steel parts.
China Ball Screw Fittings Motor Seat Screw Set with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Shaft Collars Nonstandard Set Screw CNC Machined Split Shaft Collar with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

High high quality double break up shaft collar stainless steel precision shaft clamp

Model Bore Size O.D. Width Screw Approx.Fat
ISC-12 3/sixteen 7/sixteen 1/four 8-32×1/8 3.nine
ISC-eighteen 1/four one/2 9/32 8-32×1/8 five.three
ISC-twenty five five/sixteen 5/8 eleven/32 10-32×5/32 ten.two
ISC-31 three/eight three/4 3/8 1/4-20×3/sixteen sixteen
ISC-37 seven/16 7/8 seven/sixteen one/4-20×1/4 twenty five.4
ISC-forty three 1/two one 7/sixteen one/4-20×1/four 33.2
ISC-50 nine/sixteen one 7/16 one/4-20×1/4 30.3
ISC-56 five/eight 1 1/8 one/2 five/16-18×1/four 44.2
ISC-62 eleven/sixteen 1 1/4 nine/sixteen 5/16-18×1/4 sixty two
ISC-sixty eight three/four 1 1/four nine/sixteen five/16-18×1/four fifty six.nine
ISC-seventy five thirteen/16 1  5/16 nine/sixteen 5/16-18×1/four 60.4
ISC-eighty one 7/8 1 1/two nine/sixteen five/16-18×5/sixteen eighty four.four
ISC-87 15/16 1 5/8 9/sixteen five/sixteen-18×5/sixteen one hundred.2
ISC-93 1 1 5/eight 5/8 5/sixteen-18×5/sixteen 103.6
ISC-one hundred 1  1/sixteen 1 3/4 5/8 5/sixteen-18×5/sixteen 122.one
ISC-106 1 1/8 1 3/4 five/8 five/sixteen-18×5/sixteen 113.5
ISC-112 1  3/16 2 11/16 three/8-16×3/8 a hundred and eighty

Product Features:

1.Effective on hard and soft shafts 
2.Cost effective collar design 
3.Easily installed where major disassembly would otherwise be required Simply slide these collars onto a shaft and tighten the set screw to hold the collar in place.Collars are easy to adjust with their set screws. 

 Types of shaft collars:

Solid Setscrew shaft collar,Hex bore shaft collar,One Piece shaft collar,Two 

Piece shaft collar,Threaded shaft collar,Single split shaft collar,Double split shaft collar 

Our products can be made according to Climax,Holo-Krome,Stafford,Ruland etc.  

Note of single split shaft collar: 

one.Materials:AL,Steel,Stainless steel,Alloy,Copper,Plastic 

two.End: Black oxide, self-color, oiled, zinc plated 

three.Procedures:Broaching/ Hobbing/ Slotting/tapping 

four.Package:box/carton/wooden case 

five.Lead time:twenty-35 days 

6.ISO9001:2008 Certificated


single split shaft collars are used in a variety of application and industries. Examples include agricultural implements, office machines, exercise equipment, mixers, and printing presses.A variety of specialized products are available. Knurled shaft collars provide a friction surface for hand gripping and are suitable for conveyors and other applications which require frequent collar adjustment. 
Hexagonal-bore shaft collars are suitable for power transmission and drive applications. 
Large-duty shaft collars feature large cross sections and sturdy clamping screws for added holding power. 
Because heavy-duty shaft collars provide better vibration and shock resistance, 
they are designed for applications such as off-street, mining, paper and steel mill equipment. 
Major Products:
1. Timing Belt Pulley (Synchronous Pulley), Timing Bar, Clamping Plate 
two. Forging, Casting, Stampling Part 
three. V Belt Pulley and Taper Lock Bush Sprocket, Idler and Plate WheelSpur Gear, Bevel Gear, Rack  
four. Shaft Locking Device: could be alternative for Ringfeder, Sati, Chiaravalli, Tollok, etc. 
5. Shaft Coupling:including Miniature couplings, Curved tooth coupling, Chain coupling, HRC coupling, Normex coupling, Type coupling, GE Coupling, torque limiter, Universal Joint  
six. Shaft Collars: including Setscrew Type, Single Split and Double Splits 
7. Equipment & Rack: Spur gear/rack, bevel equipment, CZPT cal gear/rack
eight. CZPT  customized Machining Parts according to drawings (OEM).





We use standard export wood situation, carton and pallet, but we can also pack it as per your specific specifications.

OUR Organization

ZheJiang CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd. specializes in giving best services and the most aggressive cost for CZPT CZPT er.

Following over 10 years’ tough perform, CZPT ‘s enterprise has developed rapidly and become an crucial associate for oversea consumers in the industrial area and become a holding business for three producing factories.

MIGHTY’s products have acquired track record of domestic and oversea CZPT ers with taking gain of technological innovation, administration, quality and really aggressive cost.

Your pleasure is the biggest motivation for CZPT work, decide on us to get large high quality merchandise and best provider.

OUR Manufacturing facility


Q: Are you trading firm or manufacturer ?

A: We are manufacturing facility.

Q: How CZPT is your shipping and delivery time?

A: Normally it is 5-10 times if the items are in stock. or it is fifteen-20 times if the items are not in stock, it is in accordance to amount.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it totally free or additional ?

A: Yes, we could offer the sample for totally free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

Q: What is your conditions of payment ?

A: Payment=1000USD, thirty% T/T in CZPT ,equilibrium ahead of shippment.

We warmly welcome close friends from domestic and overseas occur to us for enterprise negotiation and cooperation for mutual gain.To supply CZPT ers outstanding top quality items with excellent price and punctual delivery time is CZPT obligation.

Diaphragm Couplings Diaphragm couplings use a solitary or a series of plates or diaphragms as flexible components. It transfers torque from the outer diameter of the flex plate to the interior diameter, via the spool or spacer, and then from the internal diameter to the outer diameter. When the diaphragm is subjected to misalignment, the outer diameter is deflected relative to the internal diameter. For case in point, axial displacement makes an attempt to extend the diaphragm, which results in a mix of elongation and bending of the diaphragm profile. Angular, parallel and higher axial misalignment authorized Ideal for high torque, large pace programs
China Shaft Collars Nonstandard Set Screw CNC Machined Split Shaft Collar with ce certificate top quality Good price