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China Standard Dm-38.1*38.1 Spring Design Dm Set Screw Series Clamping Winding Screw Thread Beam Coupling with high quality

Product Description

Product Description
1.The whole coupling is made of high strength aluminum alloy with intergrated structure .
2.The slit structure can absorb vibration \parallel ,angular  misalignments and shaft end-play.
3.Spring-load design ,with cushioning effect.
4.For encoder /micro motor.
5.Setscrew type.

Model d1,d2 D L L1 L2 F M
DM-38.1*38.1 8,10,11,12,12.7,14,15,16,19 38.1 38.1 0.4 3. 5.2 M5

Standard Or Nonstandard: Standard
Shaft Hole: 8-19
Torque: 6.5
Speed: 9500
Structure: Flexible
Material: Aluminum
US$ 39.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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What Is a Coupling?

A coupling is a device used to connect two shafts. It transmits power between them and allows for some misalignment or end movement. There are several types of couplings. The most common ones are gear couplings and planetary couplings. However, there are many others as well.

Transfer of energy

Energy coupling is a process by which two biological reactions are linked by sharing energy. The energy released during one reaction can be used to drive the second. It is a very useful mechanism that synchronizes two biological systems. All cells have two types of reactions, exergonic and endergonic, and they are connected through energy coupling.
This process is important for a number of reasons. The first is that it allows the exchange of electrons and their energy. In a single molecule, this energy transfer involves the exchange of two electrons of different energy and spin. This exchange occurs because of the overlap interaction of two MOs.
Secondly, it is possible to achieve quadratic coupling. This is a phenomenon that occurs in circular membrane resonators when the system is statically deflected. This phenomenon has been gaining a great deal of interest as a mechanism for stronger coupling. If this mechanism is employed in a physical system, energy can be transferred on a nanometer scale.
The magnetic field is another important factor that affects the exchange of energy between semiconductor QWs. A strong magnetic field controls the strength of the coupling and the energy order of the exciton. The magnetic field can also influence the direction of polariton-mediated energy transfer. This mechanism is very promising for controlling the routing of excitation in a semiconductor.


Couplings play a variety of functions, including transferring power, compensating for misalignment, and absorbing shock. These functions depend on the type of shaft being coupled. There are four basic types: angular, parallel, and symmetrical. In many cases, coupling is necessary to accommodate misalignment.
Couplings are mechanical devices that join two rotating pieces of equipment. They are used to transfer power and allow for a small degree of end-to-end misalignment. This allows them to be used in many different applications, such as the transmission from the gearbox to the differential in an automobile. In addition, couplings can be used to transfer power to spindles.


There are two main types of couplings: rigid and flexible. Rigid couplings are designed to prevent relative motion between the two shafts and are suitable for applications where precise alignment is required. However, high stresses in the case of significant misalignment can cause early failure of the coupling. Flexible couplings, on the other hand, allow for misalignment and allow for torque transmission.
A software application may exhibit different types of coupling. The first type involves the use of data. This means that one module may use data from another module for its operation. A good example of data coupling is the inheritance of an object. In a software application, one module can use another module’s data and parameters.
Another type of coupling is a rigid sleeve coupling. This type of coupling has a pipe with a bore that is finished to a specified tolerance. The pipe contains two threaded holes for transmitting torque. The sleeve is secured by a gib head key. This type of coupling may be used in applications where a couple of shafts are close together.
Other types of coupling include common and external. Common coupling occurs when two modules share global data and communication protocols. This type of coupling can lead to uncontrollable error propagation and unforeseen side effects when changes are made to the system. External coupling, on the other hand, involves two modules sharing an external device interface or communication protocol. Both types of coupling involve a shared code structure and depend on the external modules or hardware.
Mechanical couplings are essential in power transmission. They connect rotating shafts and can either be rigid or flexible, depending on the accuracy required. These couplings are used in pumps, compressors, motors, and generators to transmit power and torque. In addition to transferring power, couplings can also prevent torque overload.


Different coupling styles are ideal for different applications, and they have different characteristics that influence the coupling’s reliability during operation. These characteristics include stiffness, misalignment capability, ease of installation and maintenance, inherent balance, and speed capability. Selecting the right coupling style for a particular application is essential to minimize performance problems and maximize utility.
It is important to know the requirements for the coupling you choose before you start shopping. A proper selection process takes into account several design criteria, including torque and rpm, acoustic signals, and environmental factors. Once you’ve identified these parameters, you can select the best coupling for the job.
A gear coupling provides a mechanical connection between two rotating shafts. These couplings use gear mesh to transmit torque and power between two shafts. They’re typically used on large industrial machines, but they can also be used in smaller motion control systems. In smaller systems, a zero-backlash coupling design is ideal.
Another type of coupling is the flange coupling. These are easy to manufacture. Their design is similar to a sleeve coupling. But unlike a sleeve coupling, a flange coupling features a keyway on one side and two threaded holes on the other. These couplings are used in medium-duty industrial applications.
Besides being useful for power transmission, couplings can also prevent machine vibration. If vibration occurs in a machine, it can cause it to deviate from its predetermined position, or damage the motor. Couplings, however, help prevent this by absorbing the vibration and shock and preventing damage to expensive parts.
Couplings are heavily used in the industrial machinery and electrical industries. They provide the necessary rotation mechanism required by machinery and other equipment. Coupling suppliers can help customers find the right coupling for a specific application.

Criteria for selecting a coupling

When selecting a coupling for a specific application, there are a number of different factors to consider. These factors vary greatly, as do operating conditions, so selecting the best coupling for your system can be challenging. Some of these factors include horsepower, torque, and speed. You also need to consider the size of the shafts and the geometry of the equipment. Space restrictions and maintenance and installation requirements should also be taken into account. Other considerations can be specific to your system, such as the need for reversing.
First, determine what size coupling you need. The coupling’s size should be able to handle the torque required by the application. In addition, determine the interface connection, such as straight or tapered keyed shafts. Some couplings also feature integral flange connections.
During the specification process, be sure to specify which materials the coupling will be made of. This is important because the material will dictate most of its performance characteristics. Most couplings are made of stainless steel or aluminum, but you can also find ones made of Delrin, titanium, or other engineering-grade materials.
One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a coupling is its torque capability. If the torque rating is not adequate, the coupling can be damaged or break easily. Torque is a major factor in coupling selection, but it is often underestimated. In order to ensure maximum coupling performance, you should also take into consideration the size of the shafts and hubs.
In some cases, a coupling will need lubrication throughout its lifecycle. It may need to be lubricated every six months or even once a year. But there are couplings available that require no lubrication at all. An RBI flexible coupling by CZPT is one such example. Using a coupling of this kind can immediately cut down your total cost of ownership.
China Standard Dm-38.1*38.1 Spring Design Dm Set Screw Series Clamping Winding Screw Thread Beam Coupling   with high quality China Standard Dm-38.1*38.1 Spring Design Dm Set Screw Series Clamping Winding Screw Thread Beam Coupling   with high quality
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China OEM Coupling for CZPT Threaded Bar / Thread Screw Steel Bar of 32mm, Railway Construction coefficient of coupling

Product Description

Prestressing screw bars are rolled externally threaded in large diameter, high strength, high dimensional accuracy of straight bars. The bars can be connected at any cross section though coupling or screwed anchored.

Prestressing screw bars are widely used in large-scale water conservancy projects, industrial and civil construction of continuous beam and large frame structure, roads, railways and middle bridges, nuclear power plants and other projects anchor. It is easy for connection, the anchor is simple, strong adhesion, tension anchor is safe, reliable, easy using, etc., and also saving steel, reducing component size and weight.


Connection: Female
Structure: Universal
Flexible or Rigid: Rigid
Material: Carbon Steel
Standard: Standard
Transport Package: Pallets


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Understanding the Different Types of Couplings

A coupling is a device that joins two rotating shafts together. It transmits power from one to the other and is designed to allow some amount of end-movement and misalignment. It is a simple mechanism that is extremely common in many industries. Learn more about couplings in this article.

Flexible coupling

When choosing the correct flexible coupling for your application, there are several factors to consider. One of the most important factors is backlash, which is the amount of rotational play introduced by moving parts. Other factors to consider include lubrication and accessibility for maintenance. Choosing the right flexible coupling can be challenging, but it is possible to find the right fit for your specific application.
A flexible coupling is an excellent choice for applications that require high alignment accuracy, which is essential for reliable system performance. These couplings can compensate for angular and parallel misalignment, ensuring proper positioning between the driving and driven shafts. In addition, flexible couplings are more affordable than most traditional couplings.
The most common flexible coupling is the elastomeric type, which uses a resilient material to transmit torque. These couplings can be made of plastic or rubber. In either case, they can be relatively lightweight compared to other types of couplings. Elastomeric couplings can also be used for high-speed applications.
Another important factor to consider when selecting the best Flexible Coupling is the pipe you’re connecting. Some couplings are easier to install than others, and some even have tapered edges to make them slide easily on the pipe. Regardless of the choice you make, it’s crucial to remember that proper installation is critical for reliability and safety.

CZPT coupling

An CZPT coupling is a flexible, mechanical coupling that features a high degree of angular misalignment and eccentricity. They are available in different lengths, with MOL being the longest. They are ideal for applications that involve high parallel misalignment, limited assembly access, electrical insulation, and other conditions.
CZPT couplings are a versatile type of coupling, and they are often used to connect parallel shafts. They work by transmitting torque from one to the other using the same speed and rotation mechanism. They are available in various materials, including aluminum, brass, and polymers. In addition, they can work under high temperatures.
One of the main benefits of using an CZPT coupling is the fact that it does not require the use of a gearbox. These couplings are flexible, and their design allows them to cope with misalignment problems that may occur in power transmission applications. They are also able to absorb shock.
Another advantage of CZPT couplings is that they are suitable for systems with low-to-medium amounts of shaft misalignment. Because their friction is limited to the surface of the hubs, they are able to accommodate low bearing loads. CZPT couplings can also be used in systems with limited shaft access, since the disks are easily removed.

Clamped coupling

Clamped couplings are designed to provide a high-strength connection between two objects. A standard coupling has two parts: a nipple and a clamp sleeve. Each part is designed in such a way as to cooperate with each other. The sleeve and clamp are made of rubber. A reinforcing braid is often used to protect the exposed steel braid from rusting.
PIC Design provides a wide variety of standard clamping couplings for many different industries. These include medical, dental, military, laboratory, and precision industrial control equipment. They have a simple design that makes them ideal for these applications. Clamped couplings are also available for custom manufacturing. These couplings are available in metric, inch, and Metric.
The most common type of clamp coupling is a hose clamp. This type of coupling is used to connect two hoses or piping units. It consists of two conical binding sleeves that fit into the ends of the two parts. The coupling is then tightened with a screwdriver. It’s a versatile coupling because it allows two piping units or hoses to be joined together.
Another type of clamp coupling is the two-piece clamp coupling. The two-piece design allows for a quick and easy installation. Unlike other types of couplings, the clamp coupling is not necessary to remove the bearings before installing it. Its keyway is designed with shims in place so that it fits over the shaft. These couplings are available in different sizes, and they are made of steel or dutile iron.

Helicoidal coupling

Helicoidal coupling is a form of nonlinear coupling between two molecules. It occurs when the molecules in a double helix are subjected to oscillations. These oscillations can occur either in the right or left-handed direction. These oscillations are called solitons. Helicoidal coupling can provide quantitative or qualitative support to a structure, such as an electron.

Split Muff coupling

The Split-Muff Coupling market report provides detailed market analysis and key insights. The study covers the market size, segmentation, growth and sales forecast. It also examines key factors driving the market growth and limiting its development. The report also covers current trends and vendor landscapes. Therefore, you can get a deep understanding of the Split-Muff Coupling industry and make the right business decisions.
The report also provides data on the competitive landscape and the latest product and technology innovations. It also provides information on market size, production and income. It also covers the impact of the COVID-19 regulations. The market report is a valuable resource for companies looking to expand their businesses, or to improve existing ones.
In terms of application, Split-Muff Couplings can be used in light to medium duty applications. They are shaped like a semi-cylindrical disc that fits over a shaft. Both parts are threaded for assembly and disassembly. It can be disassembled easily and quickly, and can be used for medium to heavy-duty applications with moderate speeds.
Split Muff couplings are the most popular type of couplings for transferring wet and abrasive materials. Their flanged end fits on most major brands of smooth material muff hoses. In addition, this type of coupling is corrosion-resistant and easy to install. It also does not require any adjustments to the drive shaft’s position.

Flexible beam coupling

The Flexible beam coupling is one of the most popular types of couplings in the industry. It is comprised of two sets of parallel coils separated by a solid member, and it offers a wide range of torsional stiffness. These couplings are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. They offer excellent flexibility and are less expensive than many other types of couplings. They also require zero maintenance and can tolerate shaft misalignment.
Beam couplings are categorized into two types: helical and axial. The former is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, while the latter is used to compensate for higher misalignment. Both types are suitable for small torque applications and are available in a wide range of shaft sizes.
Flexible beam couplings are available in metric and US sizes, and feature a variety of options. They feature stainless steel or aluminum materials and are highly durable and corrosion-resistant. They also offer high torque capacities and excellent fatigue resistance. Flexible beam couplings are available with a wide range of options to meet your unique application needs.
China OEM Coupling for CZPT Threaded Bar / Thread Screw Steel Bar of 32mm, Railway Construction   coefficient of couplingChina OEM Coupling for CZPT Threaded Bar / Thread Screw Steel Bar of 32mm, Railway Construction   coefficient of coupling
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China Rolled Thread Ball Screw Sfs Single Nut Ball Screw with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description



Solution Description

SFK collection Domestic Chinese miniature ball screw shaft with nut details
High precision low sounds ERSK ball screw

Ball screw is created of screw, nut and ball. The perform is to flip the rotary movement into liner motion, which is a even more extension and growth of ball screw. The significance of this growth is to shift into a rolling bearing from sliding motion With minor friction, ball screws are widely utilised in CZPT industrial equipment and precision instruments.

Goods overview

Large CZPT bility

TBI Motion or ERSK ball screw has very stringent quality management requirements covering each manufacturing procedure. With proper lubrication and use,trouble-free of charge procedure for an extended time period of time is attainable.

Smooth Procedure

The high performance of ball screws is vastly exceptional to traditional screws. The torque essential is considerably less than 30%. CZPT motion can be easily transformed from rotary movement.

Large Rigidity and Preload

When axial play is minimized in conventional screw-nut assemblies, the actuating torque becomes extreme and the operation is not sleek. The axial perform in TBI Movement or ERSK precision ball screws could be lowered to zero by preloading and a mild easy procedure is still attainable. herefore, both minimal torque and large rigidity can be received concurrently.TBI Movement or ERSK ball screws have gothic arch groove profiles which enable these problems to be attained.

Circulation Approach

Ball return tube approach.(V,E,S,Y kind)Ball defelector approach.(I,U,M,K kind)

Substantial Durability

Rigidly picked materials, intensive heat dealing with and processing techniques, backed by years of expertise,have resulted in the most resilient ball screws made.

Ball screw dimension are the same as ZheJiang TBI ball screw shafts and nuts, they can be interchanged into each other

Thorough Photos

We are in a position to machinize the conclude sides of ball screw shafts according to your requirements

ball screw developed by ERSK firm (cnc ball screw)

Authentic TBI ball screw

Ball screw assembly is consisted of screw, nut and ball. The perform is to switch the rotary movement into

liner motion, which is a more extension and advancement of ball screw. The importance of this

improvement is to move into a rolling bearing from sliding motion With small friction, ball screws are

widely utilised in CZPT industrial tools and precision devices. Especially in latest years,

it is widely utilised in CNC device tools. ball screw is manufactured by grinding and whirling, or rolled, and it

has two kinds of ball screw, precision from 1 to 7, 1 is the highest and 7 is the lowest.

There are several components what can be matched into the ball screw, Make sure you
select what you need:

ERSK Ball CZPT and it really is areas
((( ball screw shaft, ball screw Nut, Nut housing, CZPT , Conclude support device )))


  1. Ground/Chilly rolled ball screw CF53 Germany materialHigh-pace and sleek operationC5 C7 precision No hole and preloadingQuality as excellent as TBI brand name is substantial precision, CZPT life usePay much more interest to ahead of-sale, in-sale, right after -revenue service.Maker with large inventory & limited supply

We are capable to end machining, if you require, Make sure you permit us know ahead of order, and please offer a

in depth end machined drawing, if not, we will not finish machined the ball screw.

Any length of the ball screw, we can fulfill to you.

ball screw Connected Products: Ball screw conclude assistance Nut, bracket, CZPT

There are many diverse series of ball screw shaft with nut, like SFU collection, SFS sequence, SFI sequence, SFY collection, DFU sequence, SFUL collection, SFK series.Each and every collection has its very own traits, Let us seem at the difference in look and traits.

Ball screw Attribute
1. Chilly rolled ball screw
2. Gcr15 materials
three. CZPT -speed operation
4. C5 C7 C10 precision
five. No gap and preloading
6. Top quality as great as TBI manufacturer is higher precision, CZPT daily life use.
7. Shell out a lot more interest to before-sale, in-sale, following -product sales services.
8. CZPT r with massive stock & quick supply

Ball CZPT Attributes
Item Material Heat
Hardness Accurancy Preload
Ball screw shaft SCM450
HRC58-62 C5:.018mm
Ball screw nut SCM415
HRC58-sixty two C5:.018mm P1:Zero
Metal balls SUJ2

Chilly Rolled Ball CZPT Application:

one. Engraving equipment 2. CZPT velocity CNC equipment
four. CZPT -machinery. 3. Semi-Conductor equipment
five. CZPT equipment 6. CZPT CZPT ry
7. CZPT machine 8. Paper-processing device
9. Textiles equipment ten. CZPT ctronic machinery
11. Transportation machinery twelve. Robot and so forth.

Rolled ball screws can not only be used in above standard machinery, but also in a lot of CZPT d industries. Rolled ball screw with a motor assembles electrical-mechanical actuator, which is a lot more eco-friendly than hydraulic pump program. Presently it’s utilized to electrical cars, photo voltaic CZPT vegetation, railway units and many medical and leisure equipments.

Installation Instructions

The way to assemble the ball screw nut in the ball screw shaft

Relevant merchandise



Our service

In excess of Service and Our basic principle:

Good quality very first, believability is the key, the value adopted

Our Benefits

Packaging & CZPT

Packaging and transport

PP bag for each linear shaft, Normal exported carton exterior for little get shipping by global categorical,these kinds of as DHL, TNT, UPS,Picket box outside the house for huge amount or really
long linear shaft by sea, by air

Business Profile

Organization Data

HangZhou CZPT ong CZPT CZPT ry Co., Ltd’s ERSK brand name is the top manufacturer of rolled ball screw and linear guide in CZPT . We design and style and make CZPT personal rolling resources, and we can make all types of screws and nuts or linear information upon CZPT er’s requests.
We make chilly rolled ball screw in huge inventory, Specification incorporate: 1204, 1604, 1605, 1610, 2004, 2005, 2571, 2505, 2510, 3205, 3210, 4005, 4571, 4571, 5005, 5571, 6310, and many others. (Obtaining all kinds of models) the max duration 6000mm, we recommend CZPT er take 3000mm, it really is straightforward packing, simple and protected for transport.

Associated Merchandise:
Ball screw stop help
Nut bracket
All those relative goods have large stock.

Often Asked CZPT ions
one. What’s your major goods?
Chilly rolled ball screws, ball screw help models, CZPT manual rails, CZPT movement ball slide bearing, Cylinder rails, CZPT shaft, CZPT s, and many others.

two. How can I get a sample to examine your good quality?
Right after value confirmation, sample order is CZPT to check CZPT good quality.

three. When can I get the quotation?
We generally quotation inside of 24 several hours right after we get your inquiry. If you are extremely urgent to get the cost, you should contact us or inform us in your email so that we will regard your inquiry precedence.

four. Can you do ball screw end machine processing?
Indeed. We have a specialist staff getting wealthy encounter in end machine processing, make sure you offer us the drawing with the tolerance and we will assist you to make the ball screws based on the drawing.

5. How CZPT is the direct time for mass generation?
Truthfully, it depends on the buy amount and the period you location the purchase. The lead time of MOQ is about 7 to 15 days. Normally talking, we advise that you begin inquiry two months just before the date you would like to get the merchandise at your nation.

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Inquiry with us, Now! ! !

We will reply in 24 Hours! ! !





China Rolled Thread Ball Screw Sfs Single Nut Ball Screw with ce certificate top quality Good price