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China Precision Transmission Csf Series Strain Wave Gear Reducer for Industrial Robot with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

CZPT  Transmission CSF Series Strain Wave Gear Reducer for CZPT Robotic

Merchandise Description

The strain wave equipment reducer of CSF series have a standard cup-shaped flexspline, the enter shaft is matched with the internal gap of wave generator through flat key’s coupling which has a operate of specified self-alignment. Mostly employed in health care products, semiconductor producing gadget, strength associated device, precision optical instrument, metal functioning equipment, conversation products, industrial robotic, photovoltaic device.

Characteristics of Strain Wave Equipment Transmission:

1.Higher CZPT : The multi-tooth is meshing at the two positions which are 180° from each other at the same time, so that the effluence on transmission accuracy thanks to gear pitch mistake and the cumulative pitch mistake can be well balanced and reach to incredibly higher transmission accuracy.
2.Transmission ratio: a one-stage strain wave equipment transmission ratio can attain to thirty~five hundred.
three.Load carrying capability: the meshing area as effectively as the amount of teeth at interact stage is massive, so load which is divided on every tooth, CZPT smaller sized accordingly, even though the all round load CZPT really massive.
four.Dimensions & fat: evaluating with the conventional equipment gadget, it has the functions of miniaturization and light-excess weight.
5.Transmission effectiveness: the transmission efficiency of strain wave gear reducer can achieve to 70%~eighty five%.
six.Clean gearing, CZPT -effect, and reduce noise.

How to Read through
Z  CSF – 32 – one hundred twenty – 2UH – AB – 002
a     b      c       d        e       f       g

a    Z: CZPT CZPT er
b     Framework of Flexspline            SHF: Common Hat Type
           SHD: CZPT Flat Hat Kind
           CSG: High-torque Cup Sort
           SHG: CZPT -torque Hat Variety
           CSF: Standard Cup Kind
           CSD: CZPT Flat Cup Variety
c     Model Code There are 5 Versions: fourteen, 17, twenty, twenty five, 32. The code benefit multiplied by 2.fifty four is about equal to the diameter of the corresponding type of reducer.
d     Reduction Ratio At the moment there are 4 ratios: 1:50,1: eighty, 1:a hundred, 1:120.
e     Constructions of Reducer            2UH: Standard Unit Sort
           2UJ: Shaft Enter Sort
           2UF: Flat Hollow Shaft Variety
           2SO: Flat Type
           2SH: Flat Hollow Shaft Type
f    Customer Code
g    Serial amount

For case in point: ZSHF-25-a hundred-2SH: CZPT CZPT er manufactured strain wave reducer, Standard Hat variety of 25 measurement, reduction ratio 1:a hundred, flat hollow shaft type.


Model Reduction ratio Rated torque at 2000 r/min Permissible peak torque of beginning/stopping Permissible max. value of ave. load torque Instantaneous Permissible max. torque Permissible max. enter rotational velocity Permissible ave. input rotational velocity Inertia instant Life in layout
(N.m) (N.m) (N.m) (N.m) (r/min) (r/min) 10-fourkgm2) (h)
14 fifty 5.four 18 six.nine 35 8500 3500 0.033 10000
eighty seven.eight 23 eleven forty seven
one hundred 7.eight 28 eleven fifty four
17 fifty 16 34 26 70 7300 3500 0.079 10000
80 22 43 27 87
one hundred 24 54 39 108
20 fifty twenty five fifty six 34 ninety eight 6500 3500 0.193 10000
eighty 34 seventy four 47 127
a hundred forty 82 forty nine 147
a hundred and twenty forty 87 49 147
25 50 39 ninety eight 55 186 5600 3500 0.413 10000
80 63 137 87 255
a hundred 67 157 108 284
120 sixty seven 167 108 304
32 fifty 76 216 108 382 4800 3500 1.690 10000
eighty 118 304 167 568
one hundred 137 333 216 647
a hundred and twenty 137 353 216 686

Dimensions(Unit: mm):

Notice: The engagement length of bolt need to be less than the depth of interior thread. ΦS depict the condition of the through hole which sales opportunities to the within of the merchandise. The condition of the output flange will be distinct according to diverse types of reducers. For details of proportions, please validate the sent define drawing with reducer.

Specification Desk

· Specification with * mark: The B, D, t, u indicate the mounting positions in the shaft route and allowance of the 3 elements–wave.
· generator, flexspline, circular spline. Strictly follow the requirement of these specs as they influence the functionality and intensity.
· The dimension tolerances are present according to distinct producing strategies.
· The wave generator is packed individually when the product is delivered.

Detailed Images

The pressure wave gear system is largely composed of a few fundamental areas, specifically, wave generator, flexspline and circular spline. It can greater satisfy the needs of miniaturization and lightweight.

Wave CZPT : The wave generator is a slender raced ball bearing fitted onto an elliptical hub serving as a high efficiency torque converter and usually mounted onto the input shaft.

Flexspline: The Flexspline is a versatile, skinny cylindrical cup with external tooth. The bottom of flexspline is named diaphragm and usually mounted onto the output shaft.

Circular Spline: The round spline is a rigid ring with inside enamel, engaging the enamel of the flexspline across the key axis of the Wave CZPT . The circular spline has two far more teeth than the flexspline and is usually mounted on to housing.


Other Versions of Strain Wave Equipment Reducer

A lot more items,make sure you simply click listed here…


Custom-made Process

Selection of CZPT ization

· Small modifications primarily based on typical merchandise
  (For case in point: output shaft dimensions, mounting hole, CZPT , mounting flange in the acceptable range)
· New merchandise analysis and development
  (Mould payment, solution need parameters, undertaking cycle, item amount, and so on. will be required )
Δ Note: CZPT ized merchandise can not be changed and returned.

Company Profile


Guarantee Period and Conditions

1.Warranty Time period: Under the circumstances that the goods are taken care of, utilised and preserved appropriately followed every single product of the technical manuals and this catalog, all the goods are warranted in opposition to flaws in workmanship and resources for the shorter period of both 1 year soon after its shipping or 2,000 hrs of operation time.

two.Guarantee Terms: All the merchandise are warranted from problems in workmanship and supplies for the warranted interval. This restricted warranted does not implement to any merchandise that has been topic to:
· User’s misapplication, incorrect installation, inadequate upkeep, or misuse
· Disassembling, modification or restore by other people than ZD
· Imperfection induced by the other goods
· All-natural disasters or others that do not belong to the duties of ZD.

Our liability shall be restricted solely to fixing or changing the product only found by ZD to be faulty. ZD shall not be liable for consequential damages of other products caused by the faulty products, and shell not be liable for the incidental and consequential bills and the labor costs for detaching and putting in to the driven products.


Q: What’re your main merchandise?
A: We at present produce Brushed DC CZPT s, Brushed DC Gear CZPT s, Planetary DC Equipment CZPT s, Brushless DC CZPT s, AC CZPT s, CZPT CZPT Planetary Gearbox and CZPT Cycloidal Gearbox etc.. You can check out the specs for over motors on CZPT internet site and you can e-mail us to suggest needed motors per your specification also.

Q: How to select a ideal motor or gearbox?
A:If you have motor photographs or drawings to display us, or you have detailed specifications, this kind of as, voltage, velocity, torque, motor dimension, doing work method of the motor, necessary lifetime and sound amount and so forth, remember to do not hesitate to enable us know, then we can advocate suited motor per your request accordingly.

Q: Do you have a CZPT ized provider for your standard motors or gearboxes?
A: Sure, we can CZPT ize for each your ask for for the voltage, speed, torque and shaft size/form. If you need to have further wires/cables soldered on the terminal or want to add connectors, or capacitors or EMC we can make it also.

Q: Do you have an individual design provider for motors?
A: Sure, we would like to layout motors separately for CZPT CZPT ers, but some kind of  molds are necessory to be developped which could require precise expense and design and style charging. 

Q: What is actually your guide time?
A: Usually speaking, CZPT typical common item will require fifteen-30days, a bit CZPT er for CZPT ized merchandise. But we are very flexible on the lead time, it will rely on the particular orders.

Couplings tumble into two wide categories: materials bending and mechanical bending. Versatile substance varieties achieve overall flexibility by stretching or compressing elastic materials this kind of as rubber or bending slender steel discs or meshes. Substance elastic couplings do not call for lubrication, besides for mesh couplings. Mechanical flex couplings accept misalignment triggered by wobbling, rolling, or sliding of metallic surfaces. All metal mechanical flexible couplings call for lubrication.
China Precision Transmission Csf Series Strain Wave Gear Reducer for Industrial Robot with ce certificate top quality Good price