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China Custom Hot Selling Spline Rigid Shaft Couplings Roller Chain Couplings for Industry Machine spline coupling

Product Description

Product Description


Hot Selling GL Type Spline Rigid Shaft Couplings Roller Chain Coupling For Industry Machine

Manufactured according to relevant industrial standards 
Available in many sizes, ratings, and product types, including flexible shaft couplings and OK couplings 
Fabricated from a variety of high-grade steel 

Several surface treatment processes protect against corrosion  
Customized products are available 
Large couplings withstand very high torque 
Flexible shaft couplings compensate for shaft misalignment

The chain coupling consists of two-strand roller chains, 2 sprockets and AL-Alloy cover, features simple and compact structure, and high flexibility, power transmission capability and durability.

What’s more ,the chain coupling allows simple connection/disconnection, and the use of the housing enhances safety and durability.    

The number of roller depends CHINAMFG the specific application

Chain No. Pitch



Roller diameter


Width between inner plates


Pin diameter


Pin length Inner plate depth


Plate thickness



Tensile strength



Average tensile strength


Weight per meter






08AF36 12.700 7.95 21.70 3.96 30.8 32.1 12.00 1.50 13.8/3135.36 16.20 1.070
10AF13 15.875 10.16 16.31 5.08 27.6 29.1 15.09 2.03 22.2/5045 27.50 1.350
10AF71 15.875 10.16 19.00 5.08 30.5 32.2 15.09 2.03 21.8/4901 24.40 1.480
*10AF75 15.875 10.16 45.60 5.08 57.0 58.5 15.09 2.03 21.8/4901 24.40 2.540
12AF2 19.050 11.91 19.10 5.94 32.6 34.4 18.00 2.42 31.8/7227 38.20 1.900
12AF6 19.050 11.91 18.80 5.94 31.9 33.5 18.00 2.42 31.8/7227 38.20 1.870
12AF26 19.050 11.91 19.36 5.94 31.9 33.5 18.00 2.42 31.8/7227 38.20 1.940
12AF34 19.050 11.91 19.00 5.94 31.9 31.9 18.00 2.42 31.1/7066 38.20 1.860
12AF54 19.050 11.91 19.50 5.84 31.9 31.9 18.00 2.29 31.1/7066 38.20 1.607
*12AF97 19.050 11.91 35.35 5.94 48.8 50.5 18.00 2.42 31.8/7149 38.20 2.630
*12AF101 19.050 11.91 37.64 5.94 51.2 52.9 18.00 2.42 31.8/7149 38.20 1.990
*12AF124 19.050 11.91 20.57 5.94 33.9 35.7 18.00 2.42 31.8/7149 38.20 1.910
16AF25 25.400 15.88 25.58 7.92 42.4 43.9 24.00 3.25 56.7/12886 63.50 3.260
*16AF40 25.400 15.88 70.00 7.92 87.6 91.1 24.00 3.25 56.7/12886 63.50 5.780
*16AF46 25.400 15.88 36.00 7.92 53.3 56.8 24.00 3.25 56.7/12886 63.50 3.880
*16AF75 25.400 15.88 56.00 7.92 73.5 76.9 24.00 3.25 56.7/12746 63.50 5.110
*16AF111 25.400 15.88 45.00 7.92 62.7 65.8 24.00 3.25 56.7/12746 63.50 4.480
*16AF121 25.400 15.88 73.50 7.92 91.3 94.7 24.00 3.25 56.7/12746 63.50 6.000

*The number of roller depends CHINAMFG the specific application

Chain No. Pitch


Roller diameter


Width between inner plates


Pin diameter


Pin length Inner plate depth


Plate thickness



Tensile strength



Average tensile strength



Weight per meter






*20AF44 31.750 19.05 32.00 9.53 53.5 57.8 30.00 4.00 86.7/19490 99.70 4.820
*24AF27 38.100 22.23 75.92 11.10 101.0 105.0 35.70 4.80 124.6/28571 143.20 9.810
*06BF27 9.525 6.35 18.80 3.28 26.5 28.2 8.20 1.30 9.0/2045 9.63 0.770
*06BF31 9.525 6.35 16.40 3.28 23.4 24.4 8.20 1.30 9.0/2045 9.63 0.660
*06BF71 9.525 6.35 16.50 3.28 24.5 25.6 8.20 1.30 9.0/2571 9.63 0.830
08BF97 12.700 8.51 15.50 4.45 24.8 26.2 11.80 1.60 18.0/4989.6 19.20 0.980
*08BF129 12.700 8.51 35.80 4.45 45.1 46.1 11.80 1.60 18.0/4989.6 19.02 1.500
10BF21 15.875 10.16 42.83 5.08 52.7 54.1 14.70 1.70 22.0/5000 25.30 2.260
10BF43 15.875 7.03 27.80 5.08 39.0 40.6 14.70 2.03 22.4/5090 25.76 1.140
*10BF43-S 15.875 10.00 27.80 5.08 39.0 40.6 14.70 2.03 22.4/5090 25.76 1.800
*16BF75 25.400 15.88 27.50 8.28 47.4 50.5 21.00 4.15/3.1 60.0/13488 66.00 3.420
*16BF87 25.400 15.88 35.00 8.28 54.1 55.6 21.00 4.15/3.1 60.0/13488 66.00 3.840
*16BF114 25.400 15.88 49.90 8.28 69.0 72.0 21.00 4.15/3.1 60.0/13488 66.00 4.740
*20BF45 31.750 19.05 55.01 10.19 76.8 80.5 26.40 4.5/3.5 95.0/21356 104.50 6.350
*24BF33 38.100 25.40 73.16 14.63 101.7 106.2 33.20 6.0/4.8 160.0/35968 176.00 11.840


1. Material:  C45 steel, Aluminum, Rubber and plastic etc.

2. High efficiency in transmission

3. Finishing: blacken, phosphate-coat, and oxidation.

4. Different models suitable for your different demands

5. Application in wide range of environment.

6. Quick and easy mounting and disassembly.

7. Resistant to oil and electrical insulation.

8. Identical clockwise and anticlockwise rotational characteristics.

9. Small dimension, low weight, high transmitted torque.

10. It has good performance.

Partnerships Reliable Supply-Chain:

Based on our experienced team and strict, effective supply chain management, Granville products deliver premium quality, and performance our customers have relied on for years. From a full range of bearings, mounted bearing units, power transmission products, and related markets around the world, we provide the industry’s most comprehensive range of qualified products available today.

Advantage Manufacturing Processesand Quality Control:

01 Heat Treatment

02 Centerless Grinding Machine 11200 (most advanced)

03 Automatic Production Lines for Raceway

04 Automatic Production Lines for Raceway

05 Ultrasonic Cleaning of Rings

06 Automatic Assembly

07 Ultrasonic Cleaning of Bearings

08 Automatic Greasing, Seals Pressing

09 Measurement of Bearing Vibration (Acceleration)

10 Measurement of Bearing Vibration (Speed)

11 Laser Marking

12 Automatic Packing

1 Prevent from damage.
2. As customers’ requirements, in perfect condition.
3. Delivery : As per contract delivery on time
4. Shipping : As per client request. We can accept CIF, Door to Door etc. or client authorized agent we supply all the necessary assistant.


Q 1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a professional manufacturer specializing in manufacturing various series of couplings.

Q 2:Can you do OEM?
Yes, we can. We can do OEM & ODM for all the customers with customized artworks in PDF or AI format.

Q 3:How long is your delivery time?
Generally, it is 20-30 days if the goods are not in stock. It is according to quantity.

Q 4: How long is your warranty?
A: Our Warranty is 12 months under normal circumstances.

Q 5: Do you have inspection procedures for coupling?
A:100% self-inspection before packing.

Q 6: Can I have a visit to your factory before the order?
A: Sure, welcome to visit our factory.

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spline coupling

Can mechanical couplings compensate for shaft misalignment and vibrations?

Yes, mechanical couplings can compensate for shaft misalignment and vibrations to a certain extent, depending on their design and flexibility. The ability to accommodate misalignment and dampen vibrations is a key feature of many mechanical couplings, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Here’s how they achieve these compensatory functions:

1. Shaft Misalignment Compensation:

Mechanical couplings, especially flexible couplings, are designed to handle various types of shaft misalignment, which can occur due to installation errors, thermal expansion, or dynamic loads. The following types of misalignment can be compensated by specific couplings:

  • Angular Misalignment: Some flexible couplings, like Oldham couplings or universal couplings (Hooke’s joints), can accommodate angular misalignment between the shafts.
  • Parallel Misalignment: Elastomeric or rubber couplings, such as jaw couplings or tire couplings, can compensate for parallel misalignment.
  • Axial Misalignment: Certain types of flexible couplings, like beam couplings or bellows couplings, can tolerate axial misalignment.

2. Vibration Damping:

Flexible couplings are particularly effective at dampening vibrations in mechanical systems. The flexible elements or materials used in these couplings absorb vibrations caused by imbalances or dynamic loads, reducing the transmission of vibrations to connected components. This feature helps in:

  • Reducing wear and fatigue on bearings, gears, and other components.
  • Minimizing noise and improving the overall system’s smooth operation.
  • Protecting sensitive equipment from excessive vibrations.

3. Limitations:

While mechanical couplings can compensate for some degree of misalignment and dampen vibrations, they have limitations:

  • Excessive misalignment: Couplings have their specified misalignment limits. If misalignment exceeds these limits, it may lead to premature wear or coupling failure.
  • High-frequency vibrations: Some couplings may not effectively dampen high-frequency vibrations, and additional measures might be needed to control vibrations in such cases.
  • Resonance: Couplings can introduce or exacerbate resonance in a system if not selected properly for the application.

Overall, mechanical couplings with misalignment compensation and vibration damping properties play a crucial role in ensuring smooth and reliable operation of mechanical systems. Proper selection and installation of the appropriate coupling based on the specific application requirements are essential to maximize their compensatory capabilities.

“`spline coupling

What are the temperature and environmental limits for mechanical couplings?

Mechanical couplings are designed to operate within specific temperature and environmental limits to ensure their performance and longevity. These limits can vary depending on the coupling type, materials, and the specific application. Here are some general considerations regarding temperature and environmental limits for mechanical couplings:

Temperature Limits:

Mechanical couplings are typically rated to handle a specific temperature range. Extreme temperatures can affect the mechanical properties of the coupling’s materials and lead to premature wear or failure.

High-Temperature Applications: In high-temperature environments, couplings made from materials with high-temperature resistance, such as stainless steel or high-temperature alloys, are often used. These couplings can withstand elevated temperatures without experiencing significant degradation.

Low-Temperature Applications: In low-temperature environments, special consideration must be given to the materials’ brittleness and the potential for reduced flexibility. Some couplings may require low-temperature lubricants or preheating to ensure proper operation in cold conditions.

Environmental Limits:

Mechanical couplings can be exposed to various environmental factors that may impact their performance. Manufacturers specify the environmental limits for their couplings, and it is essential to adhere to these guidelines.

Corrosive Environments: In corrosive environments, such as those with exposure to chemicals or saltwater, couplings made from corrosion-resistant materials, like stainless steel or nickel alloys, are preferred. Proper seals and coatings may also be necessary to protect the coupling from corrosion.

High Humidity or Moisture: Excessive humidity or moisture can lead to rust and corrosion, especially in couplings made from ferrous materials. In such environments, using couplings with proper corrosion protection or moisture-resistant coatings is advisable.

Outdoor Exposure: Couplings used in outdoor applications should be designed to withstand exposure to weather elements, such as rain, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations. Enclosures or protective covers may be necessary to shield the coupling from environmental factors.

Special Applications:

Certain industries, such as food and pharmaceutical, have strict hygiene requirements. In such cases, couplings made from food-grade or hygienic materials are utilized to prevent contamination and meet regulatory standards.

It is crucial to consult the coupling manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to determine the appropriate temperature and environmental limits for a specific coupling. Adhering to these limits ensures the coupling’s proper operation and longevity in its intended application, reducing the risk of premature wear and failures caused by extreme conditions.

“`spline coupling

What is a spline coupling?

A spline coupling is a type of mechanical coupling used to connect two shafts, allowing torque transmission between them while allowing a small amount of relative movement or misalignment. The term “spline” refers to the ridges or teeth on the coupling’s inner or outer surface, which engage with corresponding ridges or grooves on the shafts.

Spline couplings are commonly used in applications where precise torque transmission, rotational alignment, and axial movement are required. They offer several advantages:

1. Torque Transmission:

By using the interlocking ridges or teeth, spline couplings provide a secure connection between the shafts, ensuring efficient torque transfer from one shaft to the other.

2. Misalignment Compensation:

Spline couplings can accommodate a small amount of angular and parallel misalignment between the connected shafts, allowing flexibility in the mechanical system and reducing stress on bearings and other components.

3. Axial Movement:

Some spline couplings, such as spline shafts, allow limited axial movement, making them suitable for applications where shafts may experience thermal expansion or contraction.

4. High Precision:

Spline couplings provide high precision and repeatability in motion control applications. They are commonly used in robotics, machine tools, and automotive transmissions.

5. Different Types:

There are various types of spline couplings, including involute splines, straight-sided splines, and serrated splines, each with different designs and applications.

It is important to note that spline couplings require precise machining and assembly to ensure proper engagement and torque transmission. They are typically used in applications where high torque, precision, and flexibility are necessary for the system’s performance.

China Custom Hot Selling Spline Rigid Shaft Couplings Roller Chain Couplings for Industry Machine   spline couplingChina Custom Hot Selling Spline Rigid Shaft Couplings Roller Chain Couplings for Industry Machine   spline coupling
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China Chain and sprocket factory : Kc4014 ansi roller chain dimensions in Muzaffarnagar India Coupling with Aluminun Casing for Driving Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

China Chain and sprocket factory : Kc4014 ansi roller chain dimensions  in Muzaffarnagar India  Coupling with Aluminun Casing for Driving Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the greatest Chain and agricultural gearbox manufacturing facility in China with 5 various branches. For far more details: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

A lot more importantly, we make particular elements according to equipped drawings/samples and warmly welcome OEM inquiries. Roller Provider & Top quality controlWe supply detailed drawings and supply every time necessary.Chain Components Every chain is connected at the finishes to type a comprehensive circle or chain loop by a master connecting website link. Cotter plates or spring clips keep the connecting link’s pins from operating unfastened. engineering course chains & precision roller chains. Single strand chain, multi-strand chains, double pitch chains, corrosion resistant chains, self-lubricating chains, attachment chains, leaf chains, and specialty chains. Item Description

     The roller chain coupling is a flexible coupling of incredibly easy design. It consists of a combination of 1 coupling chain and a pair of coupling sprockets. Versatile and sturdy, the  roller chain coupling is ideal for a wide assortment of coupling applications.
     Roller chain coupling can utilized for the setting which with substantial temperature, damp and dirty conditions. It is not appropriate for the celebration which is in higher speed and with powerful effect load. Roller chain coupling should doing work with superb lubrication and defense protect circumstances. 
The typical chain coupling includes double roller chain coupling, single row roller chain coupling, tooth condition chain coupling, nylon chain coupling. Its scale is compact and its bodyweight is light-weight. But roller chain coupling don’t have high requirement to installation precision. 
     Generally speaking, it is typically in prolonged service existence. Manufacturing line products for a variety of varieties of frozen foodstuff and dehydrated greens must transport by stainless metal chain. Roller chains are widely applied to house, industrial and agricultural equipment, contains conveyor, drawing device, printing equipment, Auto: +86~13083988828, motorbike and bicycle.

Major Features
1.Easy structure,simple assembly and disassembly.
2.Light-weight bodyweight,and lengthy support lifestyle.
three.Have a certain capability to compensate for installation much less precision.
four.Appropriate for higher temperature,damp and dusty industrial environment.
5.Can not for higher pace,violent vibration.

Techncial Day

KASIN No. Chain Kind d L G S D H C Bodyweight/Kg A B Casing Weight/Kg
3012 06B-2 × 12 twelve~16 64.8 29.eight five.2 35 forty five 10.two .31 sixty nine 63 .22
4012 forty-2 × 12 12~22 79.4 36 7.four 35 62 14.4 .seventy three 77 72 .3
4014 forty-2 × 14 12~28  79.4   36   7.4   43   69   14.4   1.12   84   75   0.31 
4016 forty-2 × 16 14~32 87.four 40 seven.four 50 seventy seven fourteen.four one.five 92 72 .35
5014 50-2 × 14 15~35 99.seven 45 9.7 fifty five 86 eighteen.one 2.fifteen a hundred and one 85 .47
5016 fifty-2 × 16 sixteen~forty 99.7 45 nine.seven 62 93 eighteen.one 2.seventy five 110 87 .five
5018 fifty-2 × 18 sixteen~forty five ninety nine.seven 45 nine.seven 70 106 18.1 3.six 122 eighty five .6
6018 60-2 × 18 20~fifty six 123.five fifty six 11.5 eighty five 127 22.8 six.fifty five 147 one zero five one.2
6571 60-2 × 20 20~sixty 123.5 fifty six 11.5 a hundred 139 22.8 8.38 158 a hundred and five 1.6
6571 60-2 × 22 twenty~seventy one 123.five 56 11.five one hundred ten 151 22.eight 10.4 168 117 one.8
8018 eighty-2 × 18 20~eighty 141.two sixty three 15.2 one hundred ten 169 29.3 13.2 one hundred ninety 129 two.5
8571 eighty-2 × 20 20~ninety a hundred forty five.two 65 fifteen.two one hundred twenty 185 29.three 16.two 210 137 2.nine
8571 80-2 × 22 20~100 157.2 71 fifteen.two a hundred and forty 202 29.three 21.8 226 137 3.six
1571 one hundred-2 × 22 sixty five~a hundred and ten 178.8 eighty 18.8 162 233 38.8 32.four 281 153 4.six
12018 a hundred and twenty-2 × 18 35~125 202.seven 90 22.seven one hundred seventy 256 45.four forty three.two 307 181 six.two
12571 one hundred twenty-2 × 22 35~one hundred forty 222.seven one hundred 22.seven 210 304 forty five.four sixty nine.one 357 181 8.one

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About Us

Kasin group was proven in 1989, and its fir EPT item is casting carrier trolley for electrical power & free conveyor method. In 1995, EPT purchased HangZhou Guoping Forging Manufacturing facility (LYGP), a marketer of forging bolts & nuts to energy & free line marketplace in china. With this acquisition, EPT positioned by itself as one of main elements suppliers of monorail and power & free conveyor method in china.

In 2005, H&H Corp., a professional producer of huge dimensions conveyor chain, was acquired a portion as sharehould by Kasin, and labored as export window to all more than the entire world, especially bucket elevator chain, sugar mill chain, welded mill scaper chain.

In 2015, EPT proven alone machinery firm/ EPT machinery(ZheJiang )Co.,Ltd., created fleixible coupling, eg: FCL Coupling, NM Coupling, Curved Jaw Coupling, Chain Coupling andJaw Coupling.

Nowadays, EPT is one particular of the bigge EPT professional speciali EPT of EPT Class EPT Chain, Drop Cast Rivetless Chain,  Forged Chain, Sugar Mill Chain, Bucket EPT Chain, Versatile Couplings and a hundred% to oversea market place, masking Japan, U.S. and Europ etc.
With the certification of ISO 9001 and GB/T 19001, EPT offer best quality products at the affordable price tag, to acquire-get predicament in extended-terms cooperation, adhering to the slogan: “FIR EPT TIME, Each TIME“.

Our mission is to provide highe EPT top quality products at the be EPT attainable price tag. And in doing so, to give an unmatched client knowledge and to develop consumer tru EPT and satisfaction. Honest, High quality, Successful, Developing, Stability the 5 critical components constituting KASIN, which is the important motto for all of the EPT staff. For that reason, we keep striving to build a corporate system that is hugely appreciated and we hope that you keep on to select and use EPT merchandise with satisfaction and pleasure.



Our Service

1. The queries about the coupling will be answered within 24 several hours.

two.  Update the procession of producing.

three. Our skilled engineer can response complex questions,help you remedy complex difficulties and   help you pick the mo EPT suited product according to your requirment.

four. Warranty 12 months: Free replacement of faulty products within twelve months.

Packing Detai EPT & Delivery

Interior Packing: Carton, StHangZhourd export packing or In accordance to customer’s necessity

Outer packing: wooden instances or In accordance to customer’s necessity


Q: Are you buying and selling company or manufacturer ?

A: We are skillfully company in China and very own ourself Forging & Casting-workshop, warmly welcome to visit our factory  at any time.

Q: How prolonged is your delivery time?

A: Typically it is 5-ten times if the merchandise are in inventory. or it is 15-twenty five days if the goods are not in inventory, it is according to amount.

Q: Do you provide samples ? is it totally free or added ?

A: Sure, it really is offered for EPT to submit sample for approval free of cost, however it really is EPT regulation: for new potentioal buyer, sample is totally free but consumer is responsilble for logistic charge.

Q: What is your conditions of payment ?

A: a hundred%T/T Before shipment after inspect effectively

If you have an EPT issue, p EPT feel free to contact us as below:

EPT Industries(ZheJiang ) Co.,Ltd.

No.989,Guoshun Highway, ZheJiang FengPu Industrial Park,
FengXian District, ZheJiang , P.R.China, 201400

Mobile: +86~13083988828: 86~571-8822571/88220973-57152031              Fax: 86~571-8822571/88220973-57152030


The use of unique tools manufacturer’s (OEM) element quantities or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our business and the detailed substitute parts contained herein are not sponsored, authorized, or produced by the OEM.

China Chain and sprocket factory : Kc4014 ansi roller chain dimensions  in Muzaffarnagar India  Coupling with Aluminun Casing for Driving Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

China Chain and sprocket factory : Kc4014 ansi roller chain dimensions  in Muzaffarnagar India  Coupling with Aluminun Casing for Driving Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

China Chain and sprocket factory : Kc4014 ansi roller chain dimensions  in Muzaffarnagar India  Coupling with Aluminun Casing for Driving Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

China Chain and sprocket factory : Kc4014 ansi roller chain dimensions  in Muzaffarnagar India  Coupling with Aluminun Casing for Driving Machine with ce certificate top quality low price